Step out of your Silo - Join the Community
I hurt myself and my team when I silo myself off
are you working alone?
how do you learn and grow?
do you collect technical books?
do you google with bing?
copy paste program?
when you work alone it is very important to get involved!
rule #2
no one cares but you
just a question
what is the worst that could happen?
are you a member of a team?
do you all have the same skills?
do you challenge and teach each other?
do you learn together?
it is so easy to ask a person a question
but what if they don't know the answer?
Mailing Lists
are very 2005 but still used
forums and the stack exchange networks
are great resources with vast amounts of content and users
but not always
can be slow and difficult to communicate
real time chat
irc started it all
it's still very 2005
but continues to be the place for some communities

channels you can find me in

a prettier irc
slack, gitter, hipchat, discord
The Spatial Community
who has used esri tier 1 support?
slack is a channel to skip that!
build relationships with product owners and developers
You don't learn anything without asking questions
🖐 Questions 🙋
Steve Gourley / @steveAGRC / #steveoh / AGRC